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035 - Five Keys To Mr. Beast's Success (That You Can Model)

Follow these 5 Keys to practically guarantee success in the next 3 years.

Mr. Beast has 219 MILLION subscribers as I'm writing this.

It's easy to look at his meteoric success and think that he got "lucky".

However, there is a simple, yet powerful process he used that took him from nothing to the Mr. Beast we see today.

We can take that same process and apply it to our online businesses.

And, when we do, we are practically guaranteed to be successful in the next 3 years or less.

Today, I want to break down the 5 KEYS to Mr. Beast's insane success and how you can model it for yourself.

Follow these to create the business and success of your dreams, step by step.

1 - Obsession

Mr. Beast started out with an obsession.

An obsession to create the best Youtube videos.

It wasn't an obsession with money or fame.

Simply an obsession of creating a great product.

Videos so good, that people watch the full video and share it with their friends.

In the same way, we must become obsessed, not with making money, but with creating a great product.

One so great, that everyone talks about it and wants to be part of it.

When it comes to online courses, the obsession should be the full customer journey. From the ad, to the landing pages, to the actual offers and beyond.

We would strive to make it so excellent that everyone WANTS to be part of the journey we've created.

Become obsessed with student success and your successful will be inevitable.

Just like Mr. Beast.

However, obsession doesn't mean perfection.

We don't create the best product by being perfect first.

We do it by starting simply.

With ideas that aren't perfect. Ideas that don't really work. But, we learn from it.

2 - Mastermind

One thing that Mr. Beast did in the beginning is spend a LOT of time studying and talking about Youtube videos with others.

He had a core group of people that were all obsessed.

And, they'd constantly compare notes as they created videos and tried things.

This kind of mastermind helped him grow quicker than he could have ever been able to himself.

In the same way, you have to find a group to mastermind with.

Find others that are obsessed, not with money, but with creating a great product.

Try things together.

Compare notes.

And learn constantly.

This will massively SHORTCUT your journey. It's why people will pay as much as $100k to be part of the right Mastermind.

They know that a simple tweak they learn can make their businesses millions.

(Keep reading to see what you might be a good fit for.)

3 - Double Down

There's a specific strategy that Mr. Beast has consistently used to gain views like crazy.

It's a very simple strategy.

First, he would TRY a LOT of different video ideas.

Then, when something worked, he would double down on it.

One of his biggest breakthroughs was counting to 100,000 in one video.

It got a LOT of views.

So, he doubled down with the idea, and created videos with him saying "Logan Paul" a 100,000 times and another where he watched Jake Paul's "It's Every Day Bro" song for 10 hours straight.

Videos all built around the same things.

Another idea he tried that worked, was giving away $10,000 to a homeless person.

Since then, giving away money has become a staple of his channel.

He simply used what worked and doubled down.

You need to do the same thing.


Create videos. Do webinars. Try your ideas quickly.

Until one of them works.

Then, when it does, double down on it.

Do it again and again, making it better each time.

Before you know it, you'll have a super successful business.

4 - Reinvest to Multiply

One thing that is unique about Mr. Beast is that he never really keeps the money he makes.

Instead, he reinvests it into the next videos.

So, if one video makes him a $1M, he'll use that $1M as the budget for his next video.

Therefore his videos are getting bigger and bigger.

And better and better as his budget grows.

In the same way, with the revenue you receive from doubling down, you should hold some aside for yourself, then invest the rest to make your product better.

This might be an investment in ads, in staff to better fulfill the product, or in coaching (& or courses) to gain wisdom on improving.

If you do this consistently, the simply reality is, your whole customer journey will become unstoppable.

It'll become a multi-million dollar business in quite quickly after you get over the starting hump.

And people will wonder where you came from, seemingly out of nowhere.

5 - Stay Consistent

This is the biggest thing.

While Mr. Beast was obsessed from the beginning, he spent years making videos that barely received any views.

Simply put, starting anything great takes time.

We'd like to be successful from the get-go. But, it RARELY happens that way.

However, the people that stick it out through the hard times are the ones who make it every time.

You will have many chances to give up.

Most people do right before they hit it big.

But, the consistent, who are constantly learning and evolving in their journey, are the ones who make it every time.

They're the ones that are seemingly getting "lucky".

The ones who seem to be overnight successes.

We simply don't see what happened before those moments of success.

So, find your consistency. Keep trying things.


By following these simple keys, it truly is impossible for you to fail.

But, you have to try things and fail to get to the ideas that work.

I had a client once where we had a course idea that we launched that didn't

really work.

Instead of giving up, or trying to double down on it, we tried a different idea.

That idea worked out of the gate.

So, we doubled down on it and had it at $15k per month in short order.

Do the same.

Try things. Be willing to fail. Learn. Then try again. Until it works.

Again, here are the 5 KEYS we can learn from Mr. Beast:
Be obsessed with creating the best product.
Mastermind with others who are also obsessed.
Double down on what works, letting go of the rest.
Reinvest your revenue to multiply your success.
Stay consistent no matter what happens.

If you follow this, you can't fail.

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AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

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