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037 - Abiding In the Di-Vine (For a Fun, Fruitful Year)

This is truly the key to living the abundant life & creating true impact.

You ever look at someone's life and admire their fruit?

In December I was at a conference called Jesus '23 in Orlando, Florida.

The leader of the conference was Michael Koulianos.

And, in a relatively short time (10 years or so), he's been part of a movement that has been growing in leaps and bounds.

So much so, that there were over 8,000 people registered for the Jesus '23 conference.

The fruit that's coming from what Michael is doing is incredible.

But, the most beautiful thing is, it's authentic.

On the Sunday night after the event, they did a panel of leaders. During that, Benny Hinn looked at Michael and basically asked, "What's with you? What sets you apart?"

Michael's answer hit me.

It was so simple.

He basically said that many years ago, he realized that Jesus is looking for friends. And, since then, he dedicated his life to being a friend of Jesus.

Every day, every where he went, he'd do it as a friend of Jesus.

Intimately connected with HIM.

The result was the movement and ministry we see today.

One that's not built on being something or proving something, but that grew simply through intimacy.

It's a John 15 life.

One where Jesus is the vine and we are the branches.

As we live intimately connected (grafted into) the vine (or Di-Vine), we bear much fruit.

And we do it WITHOUT trying to do it.

A branch doesn't try to pop out grapes.

The grapes naturally grow as nutrients flow from the vine into the branches.

It's a natural result without ANY effort from the branches.

The branches simply stay connected to the vine.

The gardener (God) does the rest. He prunes the branches. He props them up when they need help. He tends to them.

And fruit happens.

Here's the simple framework of producing fruit and INVITING others to the same thing as a leader in life.

1 - Abide in the vine

First, it's simple.

Simply create a lifestyle of abiding in Christ. Set up your life to stay in a place of awareness of HIS life flowing through you.

In the beginning, it takes intention to abide.

Just like it takes intention to build a relationship with a friend.

You choose to hang out and be around each other.

Do the same.

Look at your life and ask how you can be intentional to abide.

2 - Let the gardener prune you

As you abide, it allows the gardener (God/Holy Spirit) to prune you.

This is a process of letting GO of the things in your mindset and your life that aren't serving you.

It might be part of your branch that is rotten or misguided.

As you abide, you'll find yourself being pruned. Your mind will be renewed. And your life will be transformed.

Let it happen.

In fact, embrace the pruning, knowing that it the effect will be better and bigger fruit.

Let go of the mindsets that don't serve you. Let go of the habits that aren't who you really are.

3 - Let fruit happen

As you simply keep in that place of abiding, your mindsets will shift, and before you know it, fruit happens.

It'll pop out WITHOUT you forcing it out.

It's a natural effect of that comes from simply being nurtured by the nutrients of the vine, the Di-Vine.

You'll find yourself loving the people around you more.

You'll find yourself wanting to serve. Your desires shifting.

And you'll find yourself stepping into the things that you've always wanted.

Your calling will be awakened.

4 - Lead others into abiding

The greatest calling of a leader is to simply lead others to abide.

It's being able to say as Paul, "Follow me as I follow Christ."

In your businesses, walk as one who carries the principles of Christ (natural fruit), then invite others to follow your lead.

This means you get to let the fruit do its work.

Just as I admire the fruit that Michael Koulianos carries, let others admire you fruit.

But, in this STAY in intimacy. Don't get caught up with your fruit, because you weren't the one that made it grow.

It came from the nutrients of the vine (Jesus) and the pruning of the gardener (God).

You were simply a vessel.


By living a life of abiding, you will bear much fruit.

You can't help it.

Your life will be full of abundance and you'll give sustenance and life to all those around you.

Your fruit will inspire people, helping you create a bigger impact in the people you work with as well as the customers you serve.

Let it happen.

Again, let's break down the framework of producing FRUIT:

  1. Abide in the vine, letting the nutrients of Jesus' love nurture you.
  2. Let the gardener prune the branches that aren't serving you.
  3. Let the fruit grow as big and as full as it wants to. Don't hold yourself back.
  4. Provide sustenance for others with your fruit, leading them into abiding as you are.

As you do this, what you can accomplish this next year will be amazing.

Fruit is attractive.

It's impactful.

And you get to carry the fruit of the Spirit that flows from the nutrients of love.

I'm excited to see what fruit you bear over this next year!


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

Thanks for reading!

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