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036 - The Law of Un-Attraction (& How To Shift It Through Christ)

Why Christians stay broke in business and how to shift it through Christ.

My teenage years were hard.

At 14, my dad passed away. At 15 the rest of us moved an hour away to go to a new church.

Then, at 16, all the friends I had made in the new church rejected me.

I felt hopeless.

Specifically, I remember going out to eat with a friend that was 8 years older than me and crying in the restaurant.

All my other friends had left.

And I wanted to blame them.

But, there was something else going on underneath the surface that I didn't see at the time.

You see, when my dad passed away, I took it as a judgment from God. I believed that I wasn't good enough to have a dad.

That belief MESSED with my identity.

It caused me to reject myself.

This broken identity caused me act in a way around people that invited them to reject me as well.

I would push myself on my new friends and acted very insecurely.

Essentially, I PUSHED them away because of how I saw myself to be.

That's the lesson in this.

"As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." Proverbs 23:7

Identity ➝ Actions ➝ Outcomes

If you don't think you are worthy, you'll walk as one who isn't worthy, which will cause outcomes we don't want.

On the other hand, if you think you are powerful, you'll walk as one who is powerful, which will create much better outcomes.

Everything in your life right now is there because of how you chose to see yourself.

You are a victim to your own thoughts.

Nothing else.

The beauty of Christianity is that Jesus, on the cross, is an invitation for us to see ourselves differently.

Instead of seeing ourselves as dirty rotten sinners (and therefore sin by faith), we get to see ourselves as righteous saints (therefore walking by Jesus' faith).

The Gospel lets us see ourselves differently.

This is what happened to me.

In ministry school, I learned how much I was loved.

Through this love, I found out how God saw me.

He chose me. He loved me. He saw me as powerful and worthy.

As soon as I adopted this NEW identity, I went from inviting rejection to being attractive to those around me.

I became much more of a joy to be around.

My self-acceptance invited acceptance.

In the same way, your business will only be as successful as how successful you see yourself to be.

Simply put, you can't build a 7-figure business with a 5-figure mindset.

The question is, how can we SHIFT how we see ourselves?

1 - Recognize the gap

We all have dreams of what we WANT our businesses to look like.

For example, my dream is to have a simple business that provides incredible transformation to people. One where I make 7-figures profit every year by simply showing up and serving people.

However, for me to make that business a reality, I have to start showing up differently.

There's a gap between how I'm showing up right now, and how I need to show up as to have this business.

The key here are to recognize the gap in your current actions.

Here's how I need to show up every day:

  • I need to show up as a confident leader.
  • I need to show up as a collaborator.
  • I need to show up as someone who cares about people in every moment.
  • I need to show up consistently with a good routine.

Yet, here are ways I'm currently showing that isn't serving me:

  • I tend to lack confidence in direction, always questioning instead of building.
  • I tend to be afraid of collaborating, not thinking I can lead a movement.
  • I tend to second guess how I show up and be too self focused.
  • I tend to be inconsistent in my routine, knowing it's not serving me well.

There's an obvious gap between HOW I need to show up, and HOW I know I need to show up to step into the visions that God has given me.

It's very important as you recognize these things, that you don't let guilt or shame come in.

You're simply objectively looking at where you're at and where you'd know you GET to be to walk into the visions you have.

No condemnation.

2 - Recognize Christ within

Now that we're clear on the gap of HOW we need to show up, it's time to find our FULLNESS within Christ.

You see, most of the world works to try and change themselves.

It's a never ending process that never seems to really work.

Through Christ on the cross, we have a shortcut.

On the cross, when Christ died, He didn't just die FOR you, He died AS you.

This means, you can recognize your old self (that lacks all kinds of things) to HAVE died already.

So, the gap you recognized... take time to recognize each part as HAVING died on the cross.

It's NO LONGER WHO you are!

Relate to the cross to see it as dead.

But, that's not all, Christ also resurrected.

You get to relate to Christ resurrection as yours as well.

The old you died on the cross. The new you (who you need to show up as) was the part that was resurrected.

You must take time to see this reality as being true.

Take time to meditate. See each part of you that isn't as it's created to be as dead. Then, see every part of you as it's created to be to be resurrected in you.

And know that it's Christ within you that's doing it.

"Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." 2 Corinthians 12:9

Christ is your completion. So, where you see your weakness, see Christ's strength within you.

It's not you trying to create it yourself.

It's you recognizing Christ within you.

3 - Stay in Christ

Once we've recognized our old being as dead, and our new being as resurrected through Christ, now the invitation is to keep STAYING in Christ.

This simply means, that no matter what happens, we keep our eyes on Christ within, not ourselves.

It's a daily invitation.

This is where, every morning, we wake up and recognize WHO Christ is within us daily.

For myself, every day I'll recognize the gap.

I get honest with my feelings:

"I don't feel powerful this morning."

Then, I thank God for WHO He is within me:

"Thank you, Lord, that you are powerful, therefore I am powerful."

I envision it within every part of my being... Him being powerful.

And, it changes me.

Do the same.

Identify how you feel (your perception of lack), then THANK Christ for WHO He is within you.

This changes how you see yourself daily. It removes the limitations you've created for yourself.

It takes care of the lies that you've told yourself.


When you choose to see Christ as completing you daily, you'll become the person you need to be that can build the business you're called to build.

It's really that simple.

Yet, it's not necessarily easy.

It takes intention to set our eyes on Christ daily. It takes awareness of yourself to recognize what you're really feeling and thinking.

It takes discipline to lay your weaknesses at the foot of the cross and grab hold of Christ's completeness.

But, those that do are those that effortlessly step into their callings.

Take time to:

  1. Recognize the gap of how you're showing up and how you need to show up.
  2. Recognize the old you as having died and the new you as being resurrected through Christ.
  3. Start recognizing Christ as completing you every day.

Do this and see how you start seeing yourself differently.

It will change every part of who you are.

And, it's not based on your own effort. It's based on WHO Christ is within you.


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

Thanks for reading!

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