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033 - Dreaming With God For Your Business

Go from confusion to clarity with this Spirit-Led exercise.

Roughly a year ago, I sat down with a blank piece of paper and stared at it for way too long without writing a word.

You see, I needed clarity for my business.

I needed it badly.

At that moment, I felt like a ship lost at sea without an engine and NO direction.

Without direction, I felt frustrated, like life and purpose was meaningless.

And, as I sat there, looking at this piece of paper, I felt even more discouraged.

My mind was blank.

I didn't even know what to write down.

The truth is, I felt like everything I had tried building in business up to that point, wasn't really me.

It was all what others had told me I "SHOULD" build.

"You should do a high ticket program."

"No, build a mini-workshop and a low end membership."

"Actually, forget about those and build a 12 week group cohort."

All of these conflicting voices.

At the core, confusion.

And a confused mind will stay in chaos.

That was my experience.

This is why God told me to quiet all of the voices around me.

Become still, let go of all the voices, and then simply write what I really wanted.

So, I did.

It took a couple hours. Over a period of a couple days.

But, I finally FELT like I had a vision.

I FELT like I had purpose.

The confusion had turned into clarity.

This is an invitation for you to do the same.

1 - Quiet the voices

First, it's important to recognize the voices in your life that have been causing confusion.

And to quiet them.

What you need is already within you, and when you let it happen, the Holy Spirit, will illuminate it for you.

He will bring it out of you.

But, first you must LET GO to get clear.

Start there.

Sit still. Quiet your mind. And let go of all the voices.

Take as long as you need until your mind is at peace with God.

2 - Write freely.

Next, pull out a piece of paper and simply start writing whatever comes to mind, when you ask the following questions;

"What do I really want in business?"

"What do I really want to build?"

"Who do I really want to serve & build with?"

Sit down and let the Spirit flow through.

Feel God's compassion. Feel His desires.

You're one with Him, so what you write won't be weighed down with things that aren't of Him.

The truth is, He put your true desires within you.

They may have simply been distorted by the voices around you.

For myself, dreams that I had LONG placed on the shelf started coming up again.

I wrote them down.

Also, new dreams that were waiting there, under the surface also came up.


And, on top of this, I was reminded of prophetic words I've received throughout my life.

I wrote it all down without judging or overthinking.

Just wrote it.

3 - Tap into compassion

Finally, to get really clear, it's important to tap into compassion.

Compassion will help you find the ONE thing to really focus on.

This is the thing you get to focus on over the next year.

It's usually best to do this on a different day than the day you wrote out all of your dreams and desires for business.

This lets everything sink into your spirit.

Then, when you come back to it, you'll see with fresh eyes again.

This is where you go over everything you've written down, in a state of full awareness of the Spirit of God.

What do you feel for each one?

Which one is highlighted?

What FEELS best to you?

Circle it and write it down somewhere where you can start building it out.

4 - Get a plan to move forward.

Next, comes the practical.

Now, that you know WHAT you want to build, you get to show up daily moving toward that thing you want to build.

The key is to NOT WAVER.

Instead, focus in.

Building what we're called to build isn't always easy.

In fact, you will have multiple opportunities to quit.

There will be many things that go wrong.

You'll make mistakes.

You'll most likely do things you'll regret.

But, those that persist will be the ones that will see their dreams come true.

So, practically, ask God the following:

  1. Who should I surround myself with? - this may be a community, a coach, etc.
  2. Who should I avoid? - that will just have you questioning and wavering.
  3. What do I need to learn to be able to do this well? - we all need input from others.
  4. What is the plan to launch this dream? - we all need plans and milestones to reach.

Make a list of each, then go find the people and start moving.

For me, I ended up a Kingdom Entrepreneur group that really helped me stay aligned with God as I built aspects of my dream.


It's important to get our God dream.

Otherwise, confusion will continue to cause internal chaos that will keep us stuck.

Let's recap:

  1. Quiet all of the voices that are keeping you in confusion.
  2. Write all of your dreams, past and present down, in the flow of the Spirit.
  3. Tap into compassion for the NOW dream that God has for you.
  4. Get a practical plan to move forward.

One of the most IMPORTANT aspects that will help you accomplish the dream is the people that you surround yourself with.


These are people that are there to help you succeed, while you're their to help THEM succeed as well.

This kind of community combined with practical principles and a clear plan, will have you building your dream quicker and with more potency.

Since I don't know a community that is FOCUSED on building education businesses in the flow of the Spirit, I'm looking to create one.

I'm planning to call it the Spirit-Led Creator Collaboration.

If you're interested in something like this, click here to join the priority list.

Looking forward to helping you build your dream.


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

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