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About Me

Since 2008, I've been a student of marketing. However, all I was taught were the manipulation tactics that only focused on getting the next sale. Hustle & grind until you get what *you* want.

While I had some small "successes" with that model (I don't really consider manipulating people a success), I didn't feel right about it. I wanted to create something meaningful and impactful. Not sell people things for the sake of selling.

To create transformation.

So, I looked at the model of the one person that most affected humanity – Jesus... and I noticed something.

He didn't try to convert people. Instead, he showed up with compassion and served the people. He gave them the best thing for them in the moment. Nothing was forced. Everything was from a place of abiding in the moment and flowing in creativity.

In return, the people followed him for days with MILLIONS giving their lives for his message over the years.

That's a model of business I can get behind... where transformation and relationship is the first priority.

Out of that transactions happen. (And more transactions than any transaction-focused business could ever produce.)

I even came up with a name for it. Strategic Goodness.

This is my mission. To work with creatives to establish deeply meaningful businesses from a state of flow... without being a slave to sales or to money (as most businesses are).

Fun. Authentic. Simple. Transformational.

Join me on this journey. Let's change the world with your message.


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