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You Can't Expect To Build A Successful Expert Business By Using Greed-Fueled Principles Of The World...

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Hey, I'm Justen...

I've spent the past 8+ years creating marketing campaigns that helps Christians transform lives with their message...

But, it wasn't always like that.

In fact, I started like most people do online.

...with a desire to make piles of cash.

I fought it for a couple of years...

Mostly because I didn't know what to do.

On one hand, I loved the "idea" of marketing and making money online. I'd dream of these funnels that brought me piles of cash as I did barely anything.

That feeling of adventure into the land of funnels...

BUT, on the other hand, I only wanted to love on people like Jesus loved on me.

The lust for money, which was what got me started in marketing, was gone...

And that's where I was stuck...

If I didn't do it for money, what would I do it for?

It HAD to be transformative.

It HAD to be from a place of goodness in Christ.

It HAD to be authentic & congruent with who I was.

No forcing things to work... but rather, flowing with the Spirit.

No manipulation tactics just to get sales... but rather, ministry "tactics" to change lives.

No boxes of how things "should" be done, but rather, creativity in how we create powerful experiences for our clients.

That's what I wanted...

But, I didn't know how to do it. All I knew were the old "guru" tactics that were all about increasing the sales values... not about caring about the person who bought.

So, I sought out the Lord.

He showed me the POWER of goodness. As I received His goodness, I started seeing more clearly.

It took hold of my heart and renewed my mind.

That's when I realized the truth...

It's really simple.

When we focus on demonstrating goodness to everyone in front of us, it changes the way people think & perceive life.

It changes lives.

Apply this to building digital product businesses (coaching programs, online courses), and it changes EVERYTHING.

It allows us to SHIFT the way marketing is done... to think OUTSIDE of the box that was created for us.

And as we do, bland marketing messages turn into works of art... meeting people at every step...

It gives life at every touch point... instead of just trying to close a sale.

The more I thought about it, them more it made sense.

So, I created a name for it.

I call it Strategic Goodness.

And, I'm convinced it will change marketing forever.

But, it's not just a new way of approaching marketing, it's a way of approaching life in general... led by love & overflowing with power.

Want to be part of this movement?


Join the movement & build a powerful digital product business that transforms lives at scale...

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