For Spirit-Led Creators (Coaches, Consultants, Speakers, Authors, & Influencers) Who Are Tired Of Settling!

Discover The Simple System Spirit-Led Creators Are using To Present & Package Their Advice To Transform Lives At Scale With Recurring Revenue!

Discover The Simple System Spirit-Led Creators Are using To Package Their Advice To Stop Trading Time For Money & make Recurring Revenue!

Discover The System Spirit-Led Creators Are Using To Go From 1:1 To 1:Many, Allowing Them To Multiply Their Impact & Income While Working less!

Discover The Mighty Membership Model That Spirit-Led Creators Are Using To Transform Lives At Scale With Consistent Recurring Revenue!

Discover The Simple Spirit-Led Model To Make 6-7 Figures By Transforming Lives Online From Flow (Simple, Authentic, Fun)!

The online marketplace is full of greed, manipulation, & bad advice. Break Away by using the Kingdom Method to transforming lives at scale with recurring revenue!

The online marketplace is full of greed, manipulation, & bad advice. Break Away by building a simple little business that transforms lives at scale with recurring revenue!

The online marketplace is full of greed, manipulation, & bad advice. Break Away by transforming lives at scale with recurring revenue!

The online marketplace is full of greed, manipulation, & bad advice. Break Away by using the Mighty Membership Model to multiply your impact & your income!




A 5-Day Challenge To Help You Enter The Flow Of The Spirit & Design A Mighty Membership Offer (course + community + coaching) To Multiply Your Impact & Income This Next Year.
A 5-Day Challenge To Help You Enter The Flow Of The Spirit & Design A Mighty Membership Offer (course + community + coaching) To Multiply Your Impact Without Putting In More Time.


  • How to partner with the Holy Spirit to build a simple meaningful education business from flow instead of force.

  • How to ensure that people consume your training & GET RESULTS so they tell others and keep paying you for years.

  • The 3-tiered Mighty Membership Model that lets you sell one core offer for both recurring revenue & big pay-days.

  • The exact launch system one guy used to go from part-time coach to making over $100k in the first 9 months. (& now over $300k/yr profit!)

  • USE IT OR LOSE IT: Show up & complete the daily action steps to to keep lifetime access.


What is the 'Break-Away Marketing Challenge'?

This is a 5-day challenge designed to help you partner with the Holy Spirit to design & launch a Mighty Membership (course + community + coaching) offer to multiply your impact & income this next year.

Who is it for?

This challenge for Spirit-Led Creators (coaches, influencers, & course creators) who have successfully helped others with their message but haven't been able to make the impact or income they know is possible.

How does it work?

This is a 'Use It Or Lose It' Challenge. Complete the daily action steps to keep lifetime access to the challenge. If you don't complete the action steps you lose access once the challenge is over.

Where does it take place?

This challenge takes place LIVE on Zoom and in a private members area where you can earn points, complete actions, and discuss each lesson with other challenge members. Replays will be available after the live trainings for 3 days after the challenge.

What can I expect?

You can expect to leave the challenge with a better offer design (that can scale & produce recurring revenue) & a step-by-step plan to launch and grow that offer to multiple 6-figures. All from the presence and flow of the Holy Spirit. 

Why does it exist?

We created this challenge to help Spirit-Led Creators (coaches, influencers, course creators) divinely align with the Holy Spirit to design, launch and grow a recurring revenue offer that can multiply their impact & their income simply & systematically.


Here's what one of my clients, Drew, who reached 6-figures within 9 months, had to say about using this model...


When you join the challenge, you'll be guided through the following 5-Part System...

DAY 1: Strategic Goodness

As a follower of the WAY of Jesus, we can't expect to create lasting change with our advice by using the manipulation-based, greed-fueled strategies of "direct response" marketing.

This is your permission slip to let go of the old "transaction first" model the world teaches and grab hold of the "transformation first" model that Jesus demonstrated.

You’ll walk away with …

A new, simplier way of creating impact & income online that actually feels more authentically you.

Insight on how Jesus created the greatest movement in the world without "forcing" anything.

A mindset shift that instantly builds trust in the marketplace, drawing people to your message & making sales easy.


DAY 2: Divine Alignment

Before we can design our offer, we must first align with God's plan for our business.

Specifically, we must know our WHY, WHO we're called to serve, WHAT we'll help them accomplish, and HOW we're going to help them.

We must also get God's clear vision for our business this next year so we don't limit what He wants to do.

You'll walk away with...

Massive clarity on who specifically God wants you to serve right now.

Gain clarity on what God's greatest and best is for your life and business.

A transformational journey to take people from where they're at to where they want to go.


DAY 3: Movement Messaging

The most important part of getting people to enroll into the journey you've created for them is through your messaging.

If your messaging hits the right point's people will pay attention. If it doesn't, you'll leave with nothing.

In day 3, we'll help you tune in your messaging so it becomes a movement people want to be part of.

You'll walk away with...

A crystal clear understanding of how your audience thinks & acts so you can create the most impact.

Powerful positioning in the marketplace that will have your audience seeking you out.

Miracle messaging elements that will grab the attention of your audience immediately.


DAY 4: Mighty Membership Offer

After you have the right messaging in place, it's time to package it into an offer so good that the right people can't say no to it.

We do this through a transformational approach that includes a Course, a Community, and Coaching at various tiers.

Plus, it's completely customizable, letting you be super creative as you put it together.

You'll walk away with...

How to price your offer into three different tiers so you can make recurring revenue as well as high-ticket pay days.

The exact deliverables to include in your offer so that people get results and keep paying happily for years to come.

The ONE offer you should start with as a BETA version that you can launch quickly (before you make it).


DAY 5: Get Launched!

After we've mapped out our Mighty Membership offer, it's time for us to create a plan to launch it out and grow it to multiple 6-figures.

We do this by helping our ideal audience get a clear result BEFORE we even pitch them our offer. This makes it easy for them to say yes.

The key to getting people results first is to 'gamify' the process by offering a free "Use it or Lose it" workshop.

You'll walk away with...

A step-by-step roadmap to getting launched by simply asking the right questions to your ideal audience in the right sequence.

How to enroll people into the highest tier of your offer BEFORE you even start the 4 week launch process.

How to build out your "gamified" launch funnel & set up all tech in one afternoon, even if you have always struggled with tech.

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Justen and Mary are reinventing how Kingdom Entrepreneurs approach their business, and how value driven entrepreneurs approach growing their business. They empower you to throw out old ideologies, icky gross ways of doing marketing and bringing in a new fresh way of how to do marketing.

They lead from an authentic and sincere standpoint that truly reflecting how Jesus operated.


Justen Miller

Since 2008 Justen has been a student of marketing. However, he was only taught the manipulation tactics that focused on getting the next sale. Hustle & grind until you get what you want.

While he had some small "successes" with that model (we don't really consider manipulating people a success), he didn't feel right about it.

Justen wanted to create something meaningful and impactful. Not sell people things for the sake of selling. To create transformation.

Justen looked at the model of the one person that most affected humanity – Jesus... and he noticed something. Jesus didn't try to convert people. Instead, He showed up with compassion and served the people. He gave them the best thing for them in the moment. Nothing was forced. Everything was from a place of abiding in the moment and flowing in creativity.

In return, the people followed him for days with MILLIONS giving their lives for his message over the years. That's the heart and why behind Strategic Goodness model of marketing that you'll discover in the Challenge.

Mary Deacetis3

Mary DeAcetis

Six years ago, Mary started marketing following all of the worlds rules. She learned from the university of Google and applied it, getting good results.

Yet there was something that didn’t feel fully aligned. She was getting client results yet felt like there was an option for more. In creating content for clients, she began asking the Lord for what stories to tell and would get a download of what angle to take the stories.

Through this experience, she asked the Holy Spirit for how to market with Him. And learned that there was a flow that came through partnering with Him. Like Matthew 6:33 says, “seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness and all things will be added to you.”

She began marketing and doing business this way. Which resulted in a way better way to do marketing which you'll be activated in when you join the Challenge.



Our goal is to help you redesign your marketing (going from low-level manipulation principles to high-level Kingdom principles) so that you can serve more & sell more without sacrificing your values. These are high level tactics that others miss out on because they're too busy trying to get the next sale.

  Live Ticket

FREE Break-Away Marketing Challenge: May 22 - 26, 2023 12 PM ET

  • USE IT OR LOSE IT: Complete the daily action steps to keep Lifetime access to the challenge.


 Who is the “Break-Away Marketing Challenge” for?

The Break-Away Marketing Challenge is for anyone who has a message they believe in and a heart to serve people with it at the highest level.

Whether you've been in business for a long time or are in the starting stages, what you'll get in this Challenge help you step into greater favor by doing marketing and sales from a completely different perspective than the traditional direct-response marketing tactics that MOST rely on.

We believe that by leading with goodness, instead of greed, in our businesses that favor and finances follow.

This is not for people who are money-motivated. Being money-motivated makes you a slave to it, which keeps you from creating the transformation you could be creating. It'll mess up your influence & destroy your reputation.

How does the "Use It Or Lose It" Challenge work?

Since we want this challenge to be a huge breakthrough for you, we made this into a 'Use It Or Lose It' Challenge.

This means that when you commit to show up daily and complete the simple action steps, you keep lifetime access to the challenge.

On the other hand, if you don't show up, you lose access as soon as the challenge is done.

 What will I get out of this event?

In this event you will empower you to kick the "hustle and grind 24/7" mentality to curb and shed the burden of feeling like manipulative marketing is the only way to create impact. You discover how to embrace compassion. Let your creativity shine. Share your message with love every day. Then, create something beautiful that is truly transformational.

 What time does the live event start and where does it take place?

The event starts Monday May 22nd @ 12:00 PM EST. We will be hosting the event LIVE through zoom online.

 What If I can't make the allotted times? Are there replays?

Yes there will be replays for this event. However, we encourage you to show up live to get the most out of this event and get your questions answered.

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