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Create A Simple "Gamified" Mini-Course that Attracts & Enrolls Better Clients Into Your Core Offers... in the next 6 weeks!

Watch The Video To Discover How We Use Gamification For Better Results!
Introducing The...
A 6-Week Implementation Bootcamp To Help You Launch Your Own "Gamified Experience" (iE. Mini-Course) That Automatically Fills Your Core Offers.

Your Mission Starts On July 10th, 2023. Join today by naming your own price. Invest $750+ for VIP access: Priority on group calls & extra support access.

The UNSPOKEN Info-Product PROBLEM...

Statistically, only about 3% of people consume an info product they purchase online.

This means when Patty the Prospect signs up for your opt-in or tripwire, the chances of her actually consuming all of the information AND taking action is almost ZERO.

And, if she doesn't consume what you have or implement it, do you think she'll see you as any better than Frank the Guru?


In fact, she'll lump you in with all the other internet "marketers" that haven't actually helped her get any real results.

It'll feel like you broke your promises... (Even if it was technically her lack of action.)

So, what's the solution?


ENTER The "Gamified Experience"...


Instead of a typical opt-in or tripwire sale, you want to create a simple experience (ie. mini-course) that INCENTIVIZES ACTION.

You can do this by adding in a points system, simple action steps they get rewarded for, and a deadline thats connected to those action steps.

This helps people, like Patty, get a clear easy win in a specific time frame (7-21 days). 

Naturally, if you're the one that helps her do that, she'll connect her win to your expertise, building a trust that can last a lifetime.

This trust will have her enrolling into your core offer without much thought and telling her friends.

Not only is this MORE effective, it's MORE human.

Imagine what would happen if you were able to get 50%-90% of your leads to consume your content and take real action BEFORE you try to sell them.

Use A "Gamified Experience" For 3-5x More Results Than...

Lead Magnets

While lead magnets can help you grow your email list, very FEW people actually consume the lead magnet. A "Gamified Experience" attracts action takers and solves the consumption problem.


Mini-workshops are quite popular lately since they're easy to make and attracts better people. However, they still have a consumption problem, as well as an action problem that a Gamified Experience solves.


Webinars can get great engagement for those that actually show up live, however FEW DO. Since a "Gamified Experience" can be fully automated, it gets way more people engaged & showing up.


One of the most powerful conversions tools tends to be 'live' challenges. However, you have to do them live for them to work. Gamified Experiences take what works in challenges and automates it.

Sales Call Funnel

Selling high ticket using a simple call funnel can be pretty effective. The issue is the show up rates on calls scheduled. Since a Gamified Experience provides breakthrough first, show up rates skyrocket.

Tripwire Funnel

While a tripwire (low cost offer) can get some sales quickly, they get low consumption and even less results. They leave people discouraged instead of helped. Helping them create a clear win first is way more effective.

How It Works Better Than Any Other Funnel:

A "Gamified Experience" is kind of like an automated "challenge" or "mini-course" that uses GAMIFICATION to get people addicted to taking action.

Since people ENJOY the experience and GET actual results from following along, it makes the sale way easier (& more natural).

And, it can be fully automated WITHOUT losing engagement or results.

It's built using the following 5 psychological KEYS:

  1. Key of "DESIRE" - We use messaging that connects to people's emotions and logic, creating a desire to get the specific win you're inviting people into.
  2. Key of "COMMITMENT" - By presenting the journey in a way where it COSTS something if they don't show up, people are COMMITTED to the journey before they start.
  3. Key of "MOMENTUM" - Using gamification which includes a point system and rewards attached to actions taken, we can create unstoppable momentum quickly and build on it.
  4. Key of "CURIOSITY" - By adding mystery and intrigue in every step of the journey we can lead people toward the goal, having them coming back for more every day.
  5. Key of "ACCOUNTABILITY" - Keeping people accountable to their commitment of action and helping them break through roadblocks will keep them on track.

The Potential Results To Your Bottom Line...


*These graphics are only examples and do not indicate that you'll get similar results. An optimized Gamified Experience can get completion rates as high as 90% and sales rates as high as 50%.



Gamified XP Bootcamp is a 6-week implementation bootcamp that helps you design, launch, & deliver a "Gamified Experience" to convert more leads into customers while creating more goodwill.

Who needs it?

If you are a coach, consultant, course creator, or service provider that wants to turn more leads into sales, then this is for you. A "Gamified Experience" will automatically build trust by helping leads get a clear easy win that guides effortlessly to your core offer.

How does it work?

The bootcamp starts on July 3rd and runs for 6 weeks from the start date. Each Monday you'll receive that week's training with action steps to complete. Then, each Thursday @ Noon Eastern, we'll have live group calls.

Where does it take place?

This bootcamp will be delivered through a private member's area where you can track your actions, earn points, and get launched. You'll also get access to a private community to collaborate and learn as well as weekly group calls to help you implement.

Will it work for me?

This works for anyone who wants to create something more human that's less "salesy". If you're willing to show up, follow the action steps, and keep moving forward, you'll have a "Gamified Experience" launched and helping leads win in the 6 weeks.

Why does it exist?

The marketplace is laden with lots of unmet promises and manipulation tactics. We created the "Gamified Experience" to combat both. It helps you create transformation before asking for a transaction, making it more human & more powerful.


When you join the bootcamp, you'll be guided through the following 6 weeks of implementation...

WEEK 1: Profitable Idea

Your first mission is to find an idea that is both attractive to your ideal prospect and leads effortlessly with your core offer.

You'll walk away with...

A clear easy win that your prospect is instantly attracted to so signups become easier.

Clarity on how you want to name & package your "Gamified Experience" to ensure the best results.

A quick test you can create to see if your idea is actually a good idea or whether we need to recalibrate it.

WEEK 2: Message Design

After you've selected a profitable idea and received feedback from your ideal prospects, your mission is to create the messaging around your Gamified Experience.

You’ll walk away with …

Clear missions, goals, and action steps you want your prospect to take through your Experience.

The right positioning and stories to use to talk about your Experience to make it more enticing.

A simple approach to writing the right copy for your Experience depending on how you're packaging it.

WEEK 3: Lesson Design

Now that your messaging is in place, your mission is to map out short actionable lessons for each day that tie into each other, like episodes of a good TV show.

You’ll walk away with …

A clear lesson plan that keeps students engaged throughout using principles of psycology.

A fun journey that "hacks" the mindset of students to have them commited to taking action.

A clear outline and map of each lesson so you can easily film them without needing to be fancy.

WEEK 4: Delivery Design

With your lesson map in mind, your mission is to set up the delivery of your experience with the gamification elements that make the journey addicting and fun.

You’ll walk away with …

All of your tech set up and ready to go with ease. Our guides will walk you through every step.

You'll be able to add addictive gamification elements like celebrations, sound effects, and rewards.

All of your landing pages, emails, and delivery will be set up and ready to fill your Experience with students.

WEEK 5: Experience Enrollment

With your Experience built out, your mission is to market and fill your Experience, starting with your existing audience (no matter how big or small it may be).

You’ll walk away with …

A simple strategy to start filling your Experience no matter how big or small your audience is.

Social posts and emails that you write quickly with the help of ChatGPT if you choose.

What to do when you aren't getting the signups you were hoping for and how to turn it around.

WEEK 6: Deliver Awesome

Finally, after filling your Experience with your ideal audience, your mission is to create an awesome experience they'll treasure forever.

You’ll walk away with …

A fun first Experience delivered with feedback that you can use to improve and automate.

Simply delivery "hacks" to ensure that each day is as powerful as it can be.

A simple process for enrolling attendees into your core offer with ease.


  • The Complete 'GAMIFIED XP BOOTCAMP': In six weeks you'll be guided step-by-step in how to design, launch, and deliver a Gamified Experience. This will multiply the effectiveness of your marketing, turning more leads into sales.

  • Access To A PRIVATE Member's Area: Inside the member's area, you'll be able to take actions, earn points, and track your goals. Training released every Monday.

  • Weekly Live Q&A: Every Thursday @ Noon Eastern, you'll be able to join a live group coaching call via Zoom to answer your questions.

  • Access To A PRIVATE Group: You'll have access to a private group to collaborate with other members and get the support you need to succeed.


  • Build With Us Program: This is where you get a "behind the scenes" look at us creating our own Gamified Experience from scratch following the Bootcamp action steps to show you exactly how to do it.

  • Quick Offers Masterclass: If you don’t have an existing offer OR you want to lead with a different offer, we’ll help you design a very simple offer to get started making sales.

  • VIP ACCESS: Invest $750+ for VIP access! You'll be first in line on the Group Coaching Calls & have extra access to both Justen & Mary throughout the 6 weeks.

Mary deacetis4


Follow along & launch your own Gamified Experience in the 6-weeks of the Bootcamp to get a FREE 30-minute 1:1 Gamified Experience Consultation with Justen or Mary.

In these 30-minutes we’ll review what you did (what worked and what didn’t) and help you move forward in the most effective way.

YES, Justen & Mary, I'm Ready To Enroll More Leads By Launching My Own Gamified Experience In 6 Weeks!

By signing up for the BETA 'Gamified XP' Implementation Bootcamp today, I understand that I'll be part of a LIVE 6-Week Group Coaching Program that starts on July 10th.

TODAY'S PRICE: Name Your Own Price
(Within Reason)

FOR VIP ACCESS: Invest $750+ (Priority on calls & extra support)


  • Gamify Your Marketing Bootcamp (BETA)

    Name your price to join the 6-Week Implementation Bootcamp starting July 10th. (Your price will be instantly approved if within reason.)
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  • 6 Week Implementation Bootcamp

  • Private Member's Area

  • Weekly Group Coaching Calls

  • Checklists, Processes, & Templates

  • Private Community


  • Build With Us Program

  • Quick Offers Masterclass

  • Mission Completed: 1:1 Coaching Call


BETA: Name Your Own Price!
VIP ACCESS: Invest $750+

*VIP Access includes priority on weekly group calls & extra support access.

BETA Program Starting July 10th.


Justen and Mary are reinventing how value driven entrepreneurs approach growing their business. They empower you to throw out old ideologies, icky gross ways of doing marketing and bringing in a new fresh way of how to do marketing.

They lead from an authentic and sincere standpoint that is more human and less manipulative.


Justen Miller

Since 2008 Justen has been a student of marketing. However, he was only taught the manipulation tactics that focused on getting the next sale. Hustle & grind until you get what you want.

While he had some small "successes" with that model (we don't really consider manipulating people a success), he didn't feel right about it.

Justen wanted to create something meaningful and impactful. Not sell people things for the sake of selling. To create transformation.

Justen looked at the model of the one person that most affected humanity – Jesus... and he noticed something. Jesus didn't try to convert people. Instead, He showed up with compassion and served the people. He gave them the best thing for them in the moment. Nothing was forced. Everything was from a place of abiding in the moment and flowing in creativity.

In return, the people followed him for days with MILLIONS giving their lives for his message over the years.

That's the heart and why behind the Gamify Your Marketing model of marketing that you'll implement in the Bootcamp.

Mary Deacetis3

Mary DeAcetis

Six years ago, Mary started marketing following all of the typical marketing rules. She learned from the university of Google and applied it, getting good results.

Yet there was something that didn’t feel fully aligned. She was getting client results yet felt like there was an option for more. In creating content for clients, she began asking the Lord for what stories to tell and would get a download of what angle to take the stories.

Through this experience, she asked the Holy Spirit for how to market with Him. And learned that there was a flow that came through partnering with Him. Like Matthew 6:33 says, “seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness and all things will be added to you.”

She began marketing and doing business this way. Which resulted in a way better way to do marketing which you'll be activated in when you join the Bootcamp.

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