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032 - How to Beat Imposter Syndrome

Don't let imposter syndrome steal away God's dreams over your life.

When you look up imposter syndrome in the dictionary, there's probably a picture of me beside it.

It's the number ONE thing that has hindered my own success.

For me, it was a thief that slowly stole away my business.

It'll keep you always in a state of feeling "less than".

Suck your life from you.

And convince you that everyone else is better than you, so then, why should you even try?

Who will ever get you to do anything anyway.

You might as well give up.

Go back to doing a "real job" instead of your Internet business fantasy.


That's the voice of the imposter.

That's what it did to me.

However, through a series of circumstances that I'll dig into, God started removing the imposter syndrome within me.

First, let's start with the problem.

In the beginning of this year, I sold a coaching/implementation package to a new client.

The client, instead of taking action, kept coming up with excuses, never really following my advice.

Naturally, he didn't get anywhere.

And, at one point, he completely ghosted me.

I reached out multiple times and there was no response.

I took this as fully my fault. I wasn't good enough for clients.

I couldn't help them.

And, yes, there is a part that I play... and there are things I can improve in my process to help those that don't take action.

BUT, to let that one client define who I was was NOT beneficial.

However, that's what I did. And it caused many weeks of moping around. Feeling a massive sense of discouragement.

Judging myself - thinking that my stuff simply doesn't work.

However, what was the real problem here?

Was it a) my skillset in marketing and sales, b) the client's ability to follow through, or c) simply choosing the WRONG client?

My natural response was to go with A. My experience and ability was put into question.

And I didn't believe I was good enough.

Some people's response is B. They're the psychopaths that blame everything on the client and keep selling as if they don't need to change anything.

It's why TRUST is so hard to build in the online space.

However, the REAL answer is C.

By attracting and selling to a client that simply wasn't ready for what I offered (at that time), I hindered their success and my own.

A month or 2 later, I started working with a RIGHT client. In about 6 weeks we sold $39k of a brand new program.

Then, this past month we sold another $68k of that program.

The RIGHT client made over 6-figures in 6 months.

Here's the core lesson:

If you want to beat imposter syndrome stop trying to serve everyone and ONLY focus on the right client. 

ONE offer and ONE client avatar.

Start with that until the evidence of the ability God gave you is so weighty, you won't question it again.

Let's break down how to do that:

1 - Quiet the wrong voices

This is something God told me to do in the beginning of the year BEFORE I found client RIGHT.

So, I stopped listening to others in the space.

Instead, I trusted my own experience and the voice of the Spirit.

This gave me a clear mind that wasn't clouded by comparison.

Because, every time I listened to these other voices, I'd end up judging myself and keeping myself from taking right action.

It left me feeling like I NEED to have this (& that) in place BEFORE I could move forward.

The curse of perfectionism that comes from comparison.

When I quieted the voices, I quieted the distractions and started BELIEVING in my own abilities.

2 - Make a list of skills

Next thing I did was make a list of skills, that I KNEW I was good at.

This included copywriting, webinars, and customer journey.

I had evidence from past experiences that I was good at these.

Do this for yourself.

Make a list, then pick out the ones that:

  • you are most confident in
  • solves the biggest problem
  • gets the best results in the shortest time frame
  • and that the right people will pay top dollar for

3 - Detail who the right client is

Next, you simply ask yourself the following question;

"If I only got paid AFTER I got results for someone, who would I work with?"

This is where you make a list of the things your RIGHT client must have that you KNOW you can get results for.

Cherry pick.

And be very detailed.

For me, this included:

  • They MUST have an existing following of several 1,000 minimum
  • They MUST have the ability and experience to actually help people succeed
  • They MUST have an existing reputation that was good (trust in the marketplace already)
  • They MUST be willing to follow what I say and how I tell them to do it
  • They MUST be comfortable with selling and understand (at the basics) how it works

At the core, I KNEW that if I worked with this type of person, I could get them results really quickly.

4 - Develop the MOST SIMPLE offer

Finally, for you to get this person success, what is the SIMPLEST path to do that?

We tend to think that we MUST do everything for people, but we don't need to.

Instead, we only need to do the BARE MINIMUM that will get results.

This becomes your ONE offer.

Make a list of of what those things are and how you'll deliver it to your RIGHT client.

Most of the time, initially, it should be a DFY (done for you) offer. One where the CLIENT can't mess it up because you're the one setting it up.

It takes the client's weaknesses (that could hinder results) out of the equation.

For me, it looked something like this:

  • I'd interview them to find their story and their unique positioning.
  • I'd take time to create the messaging and outline a good offer.
  • I'd set up all of the tech to build an email list and sell the offer.
  • I'd outline their webinar - interviewing them for the content I needed.
  • I'd set up all the tech for the webinar - where all they need to do is show up.

This was it.


And it worked.

Over 6-figures in 6 months. And since the contract is a percentage of sales, I get paid according to results.

This makes this month (November 2023) my best month to date in my business.


When you focus on ONLY your best work, with ONLY your best client, delivered in the MOST simple way, it's hard for imposter syndrome to stick around.

Do you know how much confidence I have right now, helping someone do $68k in less than two weeks?

It's oozing out of me.

I KNOW without a doubt that my system works.

I just need to be careful with my client selection for now, until I learn how to teach it to those that aren't quite there yet.

Then, I can expand my clientele and my offers.

DFY becomes DWY (done with you). Then, DWY becomes DIY (do it yourself).

This happens as my ability to deliver my system in a way that a DIY person can become successful WITHOUT me being there.

Let's recap:

  1. Quiet the voices that cause comparison
  2. Make a list of your skills that produce results
  3. Make a list of who your RIGHT client is
  4. Create a simple offer that gets results

That's it.

Do this to stack evidence that your stuff works & to beat imposter syndrome for good.


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

Thanks for reading!

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