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030 - The Real Reason We Made $68k In Two Weeks...

HINT: We let our audience tell us exactly how to sell them.

I had someone ask me to review their webinar the other day.

A couple minutes in, I could tell that there was no way the webinar was converting.

It was simply... bad.

The content was bland. It didn't hit any emotions. There was no reason to believe what was being said.

Therefore, few (if any) purchased.

Take the opposite of this.

Earlier this month, I did two webinars with a client selling a community-based mentorship.

We did $68,350 in gross revenue from $1,219 in ad spend.

A really incredible 56x ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

So, why did it work better?

I could tell you that we use a revolutionary new way of doing webinars.

But, the answer is less sexy.

No. The reason it worked was because WE KNEW OUR AUDIENCE BETTER.

The ad spoke to their REAL pains, and gave them hope.

The emails leading up to the event gave them a slight perspective shift showing them what they REALLY wanted was possible.

Then, the webinar pulled it all together.

It broke down a model they could see themselves applying. It made their dreams a reality in their minds.

And it was all because, BEFORE we wrote any part of the funnel, we dug deep into KNOWING the audience.

Really knowing them.

Heidi Baker, a missionary in Mozambique Africa, tells her own story of KNOWING HER AUDIENCE (aka the people she was called to serve).

There was a time, where God asked her to sit with the a group of homeless ladies for around three months.

Not to give them anything. Not to minister to them.

But, simply to EXIST with them.

To sit in the dirt with them, as ONE of them.

So, she did.

And, as she did, she got to KNOW the ladies better than anyone else.

This allowed her to actually SERVE them when the time was right.

The lesson:You must KNOW your audience before you can effectively serve them. 

Here's a simple reality, people are drawn to people that fundamentally understand them.

Just look at your own life.

You enjoy being around people that SEE you and BELIEVE in you.

We want to be that person for the people we're called to serve.

And that will only come by taking time to know them.

The question is, how do practically get to know our audience?

Here are some ways to do it:

1 - Use Your Own Experience

If your ideal clients are who you USED to be, then, simply looking back at your experience can help you KNOW your clients better.

This is the main thing we did with the client I mentioned above.

30 years ago, he was his best client.

So, I simply asked him questions about what it was like back then.

How he thought.

Why he thought about it.

What kept him stuck.

And what he had to do differently to get unstuck.

This client is in the horse industry, and here's some of the main points we came across from his own experience that we used in our marketing:

  • He felt overworked all of the time, burning the candle at both ends.
  • He barely had enough money to go around while working so hard. In fact, he made a note of having to go to his daughter's dance recital using his work dually truck.
  • He reflected on how he couldn't enjoy vacations because he was always worrying about money in the bank when he came home.
  • He noted how when he tried to scale, he just broke more even instead of making more money because the business model was broken.
  • He mentioned that he had a fundamental belief that because he gets to do what he loves (work with horses all day), he should be alright with not making much money.
  • He also mentioned how he had to change his mindset from just being an employee to being an owner. (We worked with this to tell people to go from just being a horse trainer to an becoming an Equine Entrepreneur.)

These were our BIGGEST marketing points, and it simply came through me asking him good questions to see how life was really like.

You can interview yourself.

Ask yourself how you really felt.

What the result really was.

What you had to settle for.

What you wished for and wanted to be different.

Before you know it, you'll have a massive list of great marketing points.

2 - Have 1-on-1 Conversations

One of the most powerful things I've done in my business were taking time to have "NO AGENDA" one-on-one conversations with my audience.

I say, "NO AGENDA", because if you have an agenda outside of getting to KNOW people, you won't get to know them as well.

For me, I created a Facebook post that said something along the lines of...

Looking to chat with coaches/consultants/course creators.

Nothing for sale.

No agenda outside of genuinely getting to know you.

What you want in business.

Where you're currently at.

What would be beneficial for you.

Then, if there is something I can help you with, I'll do it right there on the call.

Again, I have nothing to sell you.

Comment below if you're interested. First 10 people.

This really worked.

I had 10 incredible conversations with awesome people.

In each conversation, I simply asked deep questions to truly get to know them.

Then, I took really good notes.

I learned a ton.

And you should do the same.

3 - Creating Your Own Facebook Group

Some of the MOST valuable knowledge I've gained was through my own Facebook Group.

Plus, when you set it up right, you can create an email list at the same time.

The key to this is to take advantage of the three questions you can ask people when they request to join your group.

By asking the right questions, people will tell you exactly how to serve them.

How to set this up:

1. Create a group around your subject using this framework: [identity or main pain] - [Desirable benefit]

Example: "Spirit-Led Creator - Build profitable courses & communities that transform lives"

2. Make the group private, then add the three intro questions for people to answer.

Question 1: What is your biggest question about [result they want - "scaling a course or community to 6-7 figures"]?

Note: This question gets people to share anything they're currently questioning/wanting to improve. 

Question 2: If it was 12 months from now, what would you like to see happen [on topic your group is about - "in your advice-based business"]?

Note: This question gets people to share their true desires.

Question 3: I'm thinking of creating a complimentary live workshop that [big desirable thing you'll teach - "breaks down exactly how we did $107k in sales in 6 months launching a course & community completely from scratch"]. If you're interested, put JUST your email in the box to be added to the priority list as soon as we do this.

Note: This question helps you build your email list and seed something you're going to be doing for them. 

3. Take note of all answers BEFORE you approve member requests.

I have a running document where I copy and paste people's answers before I approve them to the group. Alternatively, you can do this automatically through a software called Group Leads (

4. Promote your group consistently.

Finally, you need to promote your group daily to fill it. One way of doing this is simply to write good engaging content on a daily basis with a link to your group in the comments. Done consistently with good content, you can grow to a couple hundred members fairly quickly.

When I first started, this was one of the first things I did.

It gave me insights into my audience that I still use to this day.

4 - Some More Ways

There are tons of other ways to get to know your audience better.

Here are 6 more ways:

  • Join active 10-15 Facebook groups and notice all posts and comments.
  • Find out what your audience is searching for online using
  • Find books on Amazon about your subject and read the reviews.
  • Follow influencers on Instagram, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and Facebook, then read the comments.
  • Find blog posts on your subject and read the comments.
  • Join paid memberships and communities around your niche and participate.

Again, take note of what they say and how they say it.

Notice their pains, their dreams, their current reality, their beliefs, their fears, etc.


As you get to know your audience, they will literally tell you how to help them and sell them.

And, this is bar none the MOST important thing you can do.

Get to know your audience.

Then, take lots of notes.

Pull out the best points.

Use it in your marketing again and again. And make it real, authentic. This will make people feel seen and heard.

It will give them hope.

And hope is a powerful motivator.

Add in a plan they can see themselves doing, and you're helping them become unstoppable.

Doing this makes a sale an easy "yes" for the right people.

Here's your invitation:

  1. Brainstorm ideas, putting yourself in your audience's shoes.
  2. Have conversations.
  3. Build an audience and ask them questions.
  4. Go to where your audience hangs out and see what they say.

Do whatever it takes to get to know your audience.

Only until you really KNOW your audience should you start creating your webinar or any other marketing.


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

Thanks for reading!

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