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022 - The Ideal Little Business...

How to create a simple business that transforms lives at scale.

A year ago, I wrote down some "rules" for what I believed the most ideal little business was for the Spirit-Led Creator.

[What's a Spirit-Led Creator? It's someone who creates educational content that makes the world a better place following the flow of the Spirit of God.]

In a little bit I'll share those rules, but before I do, I want to ask you...

What does the ideal business look like for you?

If you were to strip away everything that others have told you that you must build, and simply build what you desire most, what would it be?

Do you even know?

You see, when I asked myself those questions, I came up with answers that were different than I expected.

Yet, there was a simplicity to it.

And it was artistic.

You know, I really think that's what we are.

Artists who use the paintbrush of words to guide people into transformation.

If we let it be, it becomes a very artistic process.

Anyway, let's dig into what I wrote down as a simple business that I would love to run.

#1 - It must be transformational. 

A simple, self-guided course doesn't cut it.

Statistically, those only get about a 3% completion rate. This means 97% of people are left with barely anything.

Instead, it must be optimized for transformation. Where there's a simple, clear journey to guide people into a tangible positive result.

This is where the designer and architect in me comes out.

How can I design a simple journey that is as foolproof as possible?

I obsess over it. And I love thinking through all the details.

#2 - It must create recurring revenue

Simply put, most creators have very patchy revenue coming in.

I know this too well. $15k one month. $2k the next.

It's unreliable and stressful.

So, the ideal business must has recurring revenue built into its main offer. This way, if ads stop working or something goes off the rails, we still have the recurring revenue coming in.

This is why I like building in an ongoing community into my offers.

#3 - It must be simple

Too many moving parts gets confusing and takes WAY longer to run.

So, for me, the ideal business only has three things.

1. A way to get traffic (social content, newsletters, & ads)

2. A way to convert that traffic (a workshop or mini-course)

3. An offer you enjoy fulfilling (course + community + coaching)

Less moving parts is better.

It's simple.

By simply choosing one system for each and running that system well, you can build a massively successful business.

#4 - It must include time freedom

Going along with the simplicity, I want to be able to take a month off and it keeps going.

How do we do this?

By outsourcing & automating different elements of it.

By bringing on an extra coach and virtual assistant, I can have them run the business mostly for me as it grows.

This way I can focus on only the things I enjoy the most.

For me, that's creating content and improving the system.

#5 - It must be fun

Ultimately, I want to build something I enjoy showing up to.

To build a community that is tight-knit and fun.

One where we grow together.

And, since the system is simple and can be mostly automated and outsourced, it let's me focus on the things I most enjoy to do.

It lets me have fun in it.


An ideal online business provides massive freedom.

For yourself and for every single person that comes into your environment.

And, at the core, it's simple.

That's the kind of business that I help people build.

Customized for their likes and dislikes. So, they can show up fully with the Holy Spirit and serve people to the fullest.

Causing transformation in the people they're called to serve.

Not trying to be the BIGGEST or the BEST, but to simply BE.

Do you agree with the list?

Do you have something you would add?


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

Thanks for reading!

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