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003 - Taking Your Seat On The Throne

Stop settling and start owning what God has given you

If you look at your life, what do you see?

Do you see someone who has let the insecurities from past experiences keep them living at a lower level?

Or do you see someone who won't settle for less than what God created them for?

There is no judgment in these questions.

It's simply an invitation to be honest.

For me, in honesty, I've settled.

I've let fears & insecurities keep me from stepping into all that God had for me.

You see, it's "easy" to settle.

It's easy to let life control you.

It's easy to make excuses.

However, a couple months ago, as I was spending time with God, I felt His gentle nudging...

"Justen, it's time for you to take your throne."

Taking a throne is scary.

There's a level of responsibility that goes along with it and it's not to be taken lightly.

However, if God's inviting you to take your seat, you better believe it's time to take your seat.

When I heard this call, I knew it was time.

God had given me a message about marketing and living in HIS flow that people need to hear.

By settling, I've "buried my talent".

I've hidden my light under a bushel.

I was scared of the responsibility... mostly because I was afraid that I couldn't show up well enough in it.

At the core, it was an trust issue.

You see, "I" was afraid of "MY" ability.

What if, instead, I trusted the Holy Spirit's ability to lead me?

What if I trusted Him to be faithful in showing up and showing me how to lead well?

You see, when we start to truly trust HIM to be the guide, we step into our identity and our destiny happens effortlessly.

This is why Jesus ONLY did and said what the Father did and said.

He LET the Spirit of the Father guide Him.

He owned the fact that HE IS the SON OF GOD.

Then, He let the Spirit guide.

Therefore, He never had to FORCE anything to happen. God, the Father, set it up FOR HIM.

And, because HE owned WHO HE WAS and WHAT HE CARRIED, when the Father set things up, He was able to step into it effortlessly.

Just look at how Jesus started His ministry.

He was at a wedding that was running out of wine. His mom came and asked Him to help out.

Initially, He said "No, it's not my time yet."

Yet, His mom insisted.

So, through compassion He helped out, turning the water into wine.

This act of miraculous goodness got people to talk, and His ministry was born.

He never forced it.

But, He was ready when the time came.

If you find yourself settling, then this is your invitation to follow how Jesus built His ministry.

Here's a breakdown:

1. Own what you carry.

Before you can step into the invitation and calling that God has for your life, you have to own the message He's given you.

Believe it. Know it. Let the Spirit guide you into understanding of it. Prepare.

2. Trust the Spirit to guide.

Don't force it AND don't hold back when the time is right. Trust that if the Spirit is still preparing you, that when the time is right, He'll set you up to take your throne.

If we force it, we'll step into something we're not ready for, which can create all kinds of anxiety and problems.

If we hold back, we'll miss out on all that could be.

NOTE: I've missed out multiple times in the past. God's goodness is better than my mistakes. He'll always set you up for something better.

3. Take your seat with respect.

Most don't respect the throne God is calling them to sit at. They don't feel the weight of what they carry or who they're called to serve.

So, they end up building something that is only for their own Kingdom.

It's meaningless and powerless in causing change.

Instead, respect it always. Desire to live as the KING of kings. His righteousness. His character. His compassion.

This will make you a great co-ruler with Him. One who has true humility and honor.

Not one who walks with ego and arrogance.

In all of this, be moved by compassion. Follow the heart of God. And trust always.

You do this, you'll build something truly beautiful.

Are you ready to OWN what you carry and take your throne?


AUTHOR: Justen Miller

Have you ever expressed yourself in a way where the people around you came alive in some way? That's what moves my life. I love seeing people come alive while giving them a simpler, more joyful perspective on life and business. That's what this newsletter is all about.

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